Hey everyone!

Staff applications are now open! There have been a few adjustments made to the application process which can be found below. Staff applications will remain open until August 12th at 12AM EST. If there are any questions about staff applications feel free to post them below. Good luck to all those applying!

Apply here!

  • Added guidelines to applications
  • Added Hacker Report Standards
  • Added Application Process Guide
  • Added new Format.

Please read all of the following documents above before applying. Best of Luck!

- Management
Hello ExtremePvP!

While we are in development, changelogs will be posted sporadically.
Once we get closer to release, changelogs will be posted weekly in our discord and on the forums. Please keep up to date to learn about special features.

Feel free to leave feature suggestions to see your ideas on our server!

Thank you,
Hello all and welcome to the new ExtremePvP Forums! We are glad to have you here at ExtremePvP.
Our forums will be the center of contact for things such as staff applications, bug reports, suggestions and much more!

Feel free to join our discord !